We create affordable and delicious products with care. The children are our future: taking care of them is a special social mission of ours, especially when it comes to orphans or children with health disabilities.

In 2019, we started supporting the Prolisok orphanage in the village of Volchkov, Kyiv region. With the support of the Blahomai Charity Fund, we are able to participate in the annual Gift Children with Sports campaign.

Every year, we provide food for a summer camp organised by the Sunlight Children’s Social Rehabilitation Centre. We also provide products to the CRAB Foundation, which helps children with cancer. Together with the NEO Leaders NGO, we prepare Packages of Kindness for the holidays.

Since 2018, we have been taking part both as partner and participant in the Chestnut Run sports and charitable project. This publicly supported event has a common goal, which sees the nation’s future in the healthy development and upbringing of our children and youth. We see it as our responsibility to set an example and help preserve the health of the Ukrainian nation. A team of TERRA FOOD employees takes part in the run for children and adults each year.

Since 2017, we have been donating products to the Foodbank charitable foundation. So far we have handed over nearly 10 000 kg of dairy products, worth almost UAH 500 000.