TERRA FOOD Production Facilities

Millions of people in Ukraine and abroad consume TERRA FOOD products – which are produced in modern factories, every day. The company owns 11 milk processing plants and milk procurement centres.

Production site
Bila Tserkva Dairy Plant
2, Uzynska Str.,Tomylivka, Bila Tserkva district, Kyiv region, Ukraine, 09172
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Novoodessk cheese plant
2, Maslozavodskaya Str., New Odessa, Mykolaiv region, Ukraine, 56602
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Reshetyliv butter factory
11, Shevchenko Str, Reshetylivka, Poltava region, Ukraine, 38400
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Rozhysche cheese factory
20,Tchaikovsky Str., Rozhysche, Volyn region, Ukraine, 45100
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Vapnyarsʹkyy syrzavod
157, Lenina Str., Vapnyarka, Tomashpolsky district, Vinnytsia region, Ukraine, 24240
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Kryzhopil cheese factory
157, K.Marksa Str., Kryzhopil, Kryzhopilskyi district, Vinnytsia region, Ukraine, 24600
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Tulchyn Butter and Cheese Factory
16, Colonel Ganzhi Str., Tulchyn, Tulchyn district, Vinnytsia region, Ukraine, 23600
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Product Quality

One of the main principles of our company is the assurance of high quality of all products, their safety, and compliance with both legal requirements as well as consumer demands.

In accordance with this principle, the food safety management system ISO 22000 has been implemented at all production sites. Its basis is the analysis of food safety risks and the establishment of critical control points (HACCP), which ensure both safety and control at all stages of production.

In addition, the ISO 9001 quality management system has been implemented at four production sites – this is a business process management scheme that ensures the stable quality of the enterprise and covers the main stages of its activities.


We carry out quality control at every stage of product manufacturing. Have questions about product quality? Write to us!

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Quality Standards

Product quality assurance is the foundation of TERRA FOOD production. Each and every employee is responsible for the quality of our products. We carry out strict quality control at every stage of production – from the farm where we collect the milk, to the store shelf where we deliver our products. It is for this reason consumers can be sure that quality is guaranteed. Find out how we care about quality at all stages of production:


Milk is the main raw material for the production of our products. As such, we begin quality control at the farms and households that supply us with milk.

To obtain high-quality raw materials, our laboratory assistants and veterinarians visit farms regularly, monitoring the conditions in which cows are kept, conducting educational work, reminding staff (where necessary) how to properly feed and care for livestock to ensure high-quality delicious milk.

Milk is procured from farms at the company’s own milk collection points, which we have equipped with modern refrigeration units that allow milk to be quickly cooled to 3° C. It is at this temperature that milk retains its natural benefits and taste for as long as possible. Our laboratory assistants conduct the first tests to check the quality of milk directly at the milk collection points, where only milk of the necessary quality is sent to the plant in special milk carriers.

Collecting milk and other raw materials
Before production, milk and other raw materials undergo incoming control tests in the laboratory, where modern equipment allows for express diagnostics.

The lab conducts tests for all DSTU parameters, in particular, checking milk for acidity, the presence of antibiotics, the presence of counterfeit products, and answering any questions about the admission of these raw materials into production. Data on each batch of incoming raw materials is entered into the system, and, after examination, only those raw materials that meet DSTU requirements are sent to production.

Quality control at the stage of receipt of raw materials forms the basis of work of all enterprises. It is an important and effective tool for control as well as quality control at the stage of finished products. 


TERRA FOOD is proud of its reputation as a manufacturer of quality dairy products. As confirmation of this, our factories carry out daily multi-level quality control testing throughout the entire production chain.

We carry out certification of our factories for compliance with international quality management systems ISO 9001 and food safety management ISO 22000.

Each production facility features a laboratory equipped with the most modern technology that monitors the processes of manufacturing products, taking samples for research hundreds of times a day.

Production control and compliance with standards are also carried out by automatic equipment. The system does not allow for the release of any low-quality product using automated controls of more than ten indicators.

With regard to ensuring quality control, we understand the important role of our personnel in this process. We are responsible for the selection of personnel and their regular training, which helps to confirm employee competence.

Ready product

Each batch of products, without exception, undergoes mandatory control in the lab of the enterprise and receives a certificate of compliance with the requirements of DSTU and TU. In addition to our own laboratories, quality control is carried out by the State Scientific and Production Centres for Standardisation, Metrology, and Certification, which conduct research on product safety, in particular, checking for the presence of GMOs. It is only on the basis of the results of the inspection that we are able to stamp our products – Non GMO.

All products have quality certificates (declarations of conformity) drawn up on the basis of more than ten unique conclusions and examinations.

We use environmentally-friendly materials to package our products, which ensures their reliable storage.

Ready butter and cheese from our production workshops go to finished goods warehouses equipped with huge production refrigerators, where the required temperature is automatically maintained. All products are then shipped and transported to various points of sale.

On the way to the consumer

Thanks to our extensive distribution network, we promptly supply our products to outlets throughout the country and far beyond. Throughout the route, the cargo is controlled by employees of the transport and trade departments of the Company.

For transportation we use specially equipped transport which protects products from action of harmful factors, temperature differences, mechanical damages.

Employees of the logistics department must monitor compliance with temperature regimes during loading and unloading of products.

Machines equipped with refrigeration units transport products to all corners of the country. So our butter, cheese and spreads end up in stores where consumers are waiting for them.

For us, quality control does not end at our factories. We are responsible for the quality of our products on store shelves as well as at your table.

Our sales representatives regularly visit points of sale and monitor compliance with storage conditions of all of our products.

Company technologists carry out control shopping purchases, testing all products to ensure the taste and the nutritional quality of the product remain high throughout storage to sale.

From farm to table, TERRA FOOD employees control all stages of production, so that we can say with confidence – QUALITY IS GUARANTEED.