06 January 2021
Milk “For coffee” from Fеrma ТМ = soft milk foam

Who else cares about the perfect taste of morning coffee with milk, if not the favorite TM Ferma! It has long been on the market and is well aware of the preferences of its consumers and the needs of baristas. Both of them try to achieve one thing every day – a high, stable milk foam, which tastes so great with your favorite coffee.

TM Ferma has something to offer them!

Meet the long-awaited novelty! Ultra-pasteurized milk “For coffee” allows coffee masters to experiment to their heart’s content, and all fans of coffee with milk to prepare drinks with incredible foam, even at home.

Want to know why milk froth is so perfect?

High-quality milk proteins provide elasticity and saturation
Milk fat makes the foam stable
Lactose (milk sugar) gives coffee a sweet-creamy taste

Ultrapasteurized milk “For coffee” is sold in a 6-layer ecological packaging, in which it is stored for 90 days, without losing the organoleptic, nutritional and beneficial properties of milk.

Great product for a good mood! We are sure that a successful coffee with the perfect foam will make your day!