Tulchyn Butter and Cheese Factory
TBCF produces more than 20% of all butter and vegetable-cream mixes on the market of Ukraine
The factory 's products are exported to more than 65 countries

Production capacity of TBCF

Tulchyn Butter and Cheese Factory is a leader in domestic production of butter and vegetable-cream mixtures.

Up to 300 tons of milk are harvested daily at the plant;
up to 160 tons of butter and vegetable-cream mixes arrive on store shelves daily;
up to 13 tons of products per day are processed by the cheese production and storage shop;
up to 25 tons of dry demineralized whey is produced daily by a specialized high-tech plant;
3 tons of casein is produced by the casein shop.

2018 – the beginning of the reconstruction and reorganization of the cheese production plant. Thus, the company establishes the production of ultra-pasteurized milk, increasing the total production capacity of whole milk production. Recently, the market for whole milk products has shown relative stability. That is why the reconstruction will increase the production of finished products by 800-1200 tons per month, increase the level of processing technology and improve energy efficiency.

On April 10, 2018, Tulchyn Butter and Cheese Factory celebrated a significant anniversary – the 90th anniversary of the founding of the enterprise. During this time, Tulchyn Butter and Cheese Factory (TBCF) became a leader in domestic production of butter and vegetable-cream mixtures. TBCF produces more than 20% of all butter and vegetable-cream mixtures on the Ukrainian market, the quality of which is confirmed by international certification. The plant’s products are in great demand not only at home but also abroad, as evidenced by the wide geography of exports to 45 countries.

Since 2002, the plant has established production under the brand name “Tulchinka”, which soon became one of the leaders in consumer preferences. Today on the market there is a rich range of TBCF for every taste and budget. Consumer statistics show that every fifth Ukrainian buys a vegetable-cream mixture of TM “Tulchynka” for everyday cooking and holiday baking. And this is not surprising, because the manufacturer makes considerable efforts to ensure that the quality of products meets the highest standards.

The plant pays a lot of attention to the modernization of equipment taking into account the latest trends in the global oil and fat industry. In order to ensure constant quality control, the plant operates the latest modern laboratory, which is one of the best in the CIS. Continuous investment in equipment upgrades and automation of production processes has minimized the impact of external factors and guaranteed to produce high quality products. “We know best the quality of our products, because our company has been operating successfully for nine decades. This means that we have strong traditions and vast experience and continue to develop them. Modern technologies and skill of personnel allow to produce products in accordance with European requirements and to compete with other producers in the export market, “said the plant’s director Oleksandr Vasylenko.

Such achievements of the plant belong first of all to the thousand labor collective. More than one generation of professionals have worked diligently and continue their careers at TBCF. The plant is still open not only for professionals, but also for young people in the city, district and even region. Thus, as part of the regional event “Job Fair”, representatives of the plant visited Vinnytsia College of the National University of Food Technology and Ladyzhyn College of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University. I want to believe that senior students will choose Tulchyn Butter and Cheese Factory to gain practical experience and further employment.

The phrase “made in Ukraine” about Tulchyn Butter and Cheese Factory is a source of pride for its native and high-quality products. After all, 90 years is a worthy date.

History of the enterprise

At the beginning of the 20th century, farms in the Vinnytsia region kept a large number of cows, but there was no plant that could process large volumes of milk.

In 1927, the authorities decided to open a plant in the city of Tulchyn, Vinnytsia region, which would produce up to 2,000 poods (about 33 tons) of butter per month.

From year to year the plant developed, and in 1999 became the first asset of the TERRA FOOD Group of Companies. From this period a new stage of enterprise development started.

Since 2001, the Tulchyn plant was one of the first to develop the category of vegetable cream mixes on the Ukrainian market.

In 2002, production began under the brand name “Tulchinka”.

Contacts of the plant

Address: 16, Colonel Ganzhi Str., Tulchin,
Tulchyn district, Vinnytsia region, Ukraine, 23600
Phone: +380 4335 2 29 50