Mission and values

Our reputation is based not only on the quality of our products, but also on the examples of honest, ethical and fair treatment of our customers and partners by the Company's employees.

Our Company is dynamically developing and actively implementing innovations, has about 4 thousand employees, is a leader in milk processing and №1 in dairy production in Ukraine.

The success of the Company and its good name lies in the decency, honesty and dedication of our employees to the common cause.

The company is a strong player in the international market and exports products to more than 60 countries.


Affordable and delicious food produced with care

We are at the forefront of the market, creating new segments, developing innovative product categories. Thanks to the experience of the best specialists, advanced technologies and the latest equipment, our products receive constant love from consumers and get high marks from experts.
Consumer orientation
We focus on the tastes and preferences of all categories of consumers. Advantages of our products: the highest organoleptic indicators, rich assortment, presence in all price categories and wide geography of sales.
We and our families consume our products. We adhere to high quality standards, sincerely love our work and know how to preserve and increase what nature gives. The holding companies have certificates of compliance with international quality and safety standards. We control the quality of our products at all stages of production from raw materials to shelves in retail chains.
Corporate integrity
All divisions of the Company are united with common goal, values and rules. This ensures the overall success of the enterprises and the efficiency of the team. Thanks to the focus on results and constant exchange of experience, we have created and are developing a cohesive team of true professionals.