Since 1999, this company has been a leader in the Ukrainian dairy market. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of our team, we can ensure impeccable quality where of all of our dairy products are concerned, praise for which we receive regularly by consumers and industry experts.

This is a company with a long history and an exciting future.

Here you will find true team spirit and a culture where the individual is truly appreciated.

We set ourselves ambitious goals which means a varied team is necessary, from qualified specialists with extensive work experience to employees who are just starting off on their career path.

Working at TERRA FOOD means consistent movement forward, company growth, and participation in creating its future together.

About Us

TERRA FOOD is one of the largest Ukrainian vertically-integrated holdings that unites dairy production sites in Ukraine and abroad.

Our Culture

The team at TERRA FOOD are creative and ambitious people

The TERRA FOOD team include like-minded people with a common goal – the creation of affordable and delicious products made with care.

We value talented, hard-working, and purposeful people.

We continue to get better and better, working intelligently, and embodying new ideas and innovations to achieve our goals. Professional and personal growth is a constant requirement of the modern world. Therefore, we pay great attention to the development and training of personnel, unlocking the potential of our employees, providing opportunities to continue training, improve knowledge and skills, and build a successful career within the company.

We love what we do. We do what we promise. We believe that our passionate and responsible work creates delicious dairy products.

We take personal responsibility for the tasks we perform. We are honest with ourselves and with the company.

We are stronger when we think and act as a team. Our interests and the interests of the company are united.

We know how to listen, respect, and support each other so that everyone can do their job effectively.

Working at TERRA FOOD means continuous movement forward, where the support, conditions, and inspiration for real achievements through a combination of intelligent and emotional, personal, and social initiatives influence long-term results.

Become a part of TERRA FOOD and you will:

  • Gain experience and expertise;
  • Learn about teamwork and collaboration;
  • Experience the benefits of reliability and quality;
  • Get involved in the creation of new, healthy, delicious, innovative products;
  • Build your career.