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Master in Packaging
Elena has been working at the Tulchinskyi butter and cheese plant for 23 years. The enterprise has been a place where she has learned new skills and developed her career. Interestingly, this is a family affair, as her husband and son also work at the plant. This is a vivid example of how family traditions are born and maintained at the enterprise.
Instrumentation and automation (5th category) locksmith in the power shop. Chief power engineer in the electrical engineering department
Dmitry has been working at the plant for six years, starting as an electrician and moving up to head of the control-measurement section. Since June 2019, he has been chief power engineer. His strengths include passing along his professional experience to colleagues and successfully directing all decisions to facilitate the work of others.
Laboratory assistant of the third category, chief technologist in production services
As a student, Natalia Sadova decided she wanted to work in the dairy industry. So, following graduation, she came to find a job at the plant. Diligence, responsibility, and hard work paid off, as Natalia is chief technologist. Do you remember what emotions you experienced when you first came to the enterprise? This was my […]