Rozhysche cheese factory

Rozhysche Cheese Factory is one of the largest enterprises in the Volyn region, where traditions of cheese-making have been respected and multiplied for 40 years. The plant is located in the center of Volyn, in a picturesque and ecologically clean area on the banks of the river Styr. During its existence, the company has gained a solid reputation as a leader in cheese production in the region and beyond, and its qualified team year after year is working to improve production technologies.

The best equipment means the best products

Since 2000, the Rozhysche Cheese Factory has been regularly implementing measures to modernize production equipment. Thus, in 2004 the company completed the chamber for ripening hard cheese, and in 2005 put into operation a new low-temperature refrigerator for storing butter with a capacity of 400 tons and a refrigerator for storage of finished products of 100 tons. In 2007, the plant launched a new whey drying plant with a capacity of 7 tons per day. Since 2008, the company has an automated line for packing hard cheese.

The cheese factory has successfully reconstructed the butter shop with the modernization of the cream pasteurization line, as well as rebuilt the reception and hardware area to ensure a completely closed process of receiving raw materials and supplying them for production.

According to the necessary conditions of HACCP programs and plans, Rozhysche Cheese Factory has a product quality management system (ISO 9001: 2009) and a food safety management system (DSTU ISO 22000: 2007).

Production capacities of Rozhysche cheese factory:

  • milk processing volume – 200 tons per day;
  • cheese production – 19 tons per day.

From the beginning until today

The plant was put into operation in 1973. Since 2000, the plant has been producing products under the ROSI brand, which was in high demand in Ukraine. Unfortunately, in 2011 harsh times began at the plant, and at the end of 2012 the company was stopped due to non-payment of debts. On May 17, 2013, an agreement was reached with the previous owners on the possibility of adding the Rozhysche Cheese Factory to the TERRA FOOD Group of Companies. This event became a new starting point and the start of the company’s revival, as several hundred jobs were created here again, and the plant regained the status of a budget-generating enterprise in the city. During 2013, according to the development plan, TERRA FOOD took a number of large-scale measures to reconstruct and modernize the plant’s equipment, which significantly increased its capacity.

Awards and consumer recognition

In the last 10 years alone, the plant’s products have won 23 gold, seven silver and three bronze awards, as well as the Grand Prix of the tasting competition at the Ukrmyasomolprom exhibition for Dutch cheese.