Novoodessk cheese plant

Novoodesskiy cheese plant is a manufacturer of natural hard cheeses and cheese products, located in the city of New Odessa, Mykolaiv region. In 2007, the plant became part of the TERRA FOOD Group of Companies.

Production capacities of the Novoodessk cheese plant:

  • daily milk processing volume – 160 tons;
  • the daily production of a cheese product is more than 16 tons;
  • the daily production volume of DSTU butter is 8 tons.

From the history of the plant

The cheese factory began work in 1944. In the 60s, the main premises of the plant were built, since the 80s, the enterprise has been reconstructed and modernized. With the accession of the plant to TERRA FOOD, there was a significant update of production lines and a significant expansion of the range.

Since 2017, it has been producing young mozzarella and suluguni cheeses.