Kryzhopil cheese factory

Kryzhopil Cheese Factory is a modern powerful enterprise specializing in the production of hard cheeses.

The plant is located in the picturesque village of Kryzhopil, Vinnytsia region, between the basins of the Southern Bug and the Dniester. Since its founding in 1971, it has specialized in cheese production. For devotion to the profession Kryzhopil cheese factory received an award – the love and trust of consumers.

Modern equipment is the key to success

Production of high quality products is impossible without modern equipment, so significant investments were made in the development of the plant.

Thus, in 2006-2007 a complete technical re-equipment of the plant took place: capital repairs and equipment upgrades. Due to this, the Kryzhopil cheese factory, in addition to the standard line of rennet cheeses, was one of the first in Ukraine to produce cheeses of the elite group: “Radomer”, “Maazdamer”, “Gouda” and “Edam”.

In 2010, the microbiological laboratory was modernized at the enterprise.

In 2013, a new shop for the production of packaged products was put into operation. The shop is equipped with equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers from Germany and Switzerland, which provides a product of fixed weight. The capacity of the line is 700 kg of cheese per hour.

Since 2011, the Kryzhopil Cheese Factory has been operating a certified integrated food quality and safety management system (DSTU ISO 9001: 2009, DSTU ISO 22000: 2007).

Production facilities of Kryzhopil plant:

– processing up to 400 tons of milk per day;
– production of up to 37 tons of cheese and cheese product per day.

History of the enterprise

The history of Kryzhopil cheese factory began in 1971. At that time, the company was part of the Vinnytsia Association of the Dairy Industry. In 2005, TERRA FOOD acquired the plant and made it its powerful asset for cheese production. The main task of the company is to maintain a high level of product quality and expand the range in order to meet the ever-increasing demand and requirements of consumers.

The high quality standards of cheeses of the Kryzhopil plant are confirmed by numerous prizes, in particular the award “100 best goods of Ukraine”, and also a gold medal of tasting competition “Dairy and meat industry of the XXI century”.