Tulchynka TM milk-containing products: taste and improve your health!

Quality oil and soft butter – thanks to this harmonious combination of vegetable cream and vegetable-milk mixtures have long been popular in Europe. Prepared according to the best recipe, they are as tasty as butter, and thanks to the oil they also have dietary properties (low cholesterol) and a tender and pleasant to eat consistency.

Ukrainian chefs have been using mixes for many years to make sandwiches, season garnishes and create other culinary masterpieces. It is very convenient to have one product in the kitchen that will come in handy when cooking many dishes. Thanks to the oil, vegetable-cream mixtures are well suited for frying and baking, and butter gives the dishes a pleasant and delicate taste. Baking on mixes is puffy and keeps freshness for a long time, creams for cakes are well whipped and keep the form, and sauces have a uniform consistence. Doesn’t every housewife dream of such miracle properties? In addition, the mix is easily spread on sandwiches, which is especially important in the morning, when time for breakfast is short.

In 2005, the World Health Organization recommended reducing the consumption of animal fats, so-called saturated fats. Today, Europeans prefer mixtures as a dietary product with low cholesterol.

TERRA FOOD is a recognized leader of the Ukrainian market in this category, winner of many awards for product quality and safety.

Variety of cheeses TM “Tulchynka”:

Hard cheese is both a delicacy on the festive table and a nutritious and tasty part of every family’s daily diet. And this product is the most valuable source of easily digestible protein, milk fat, calcium, phosphorus – probably that’s why it is loved around the world. Our masters follow the best traditions of cheese-making, making high-quality products from natural raw materials on modern equipment under strict multilevel control. That is why our delicious and high-quality cheese is loved not only in Ukraine, but also in 27 countries near and far abroad.

The wonderful creamy taste of processed cheese is familiar to everyone from an early age. Our products, made to high standards, are especially tender, so it will definitely remind you of delicious episodes from childhood. In addition, cheeses TM “Tulchynka” contain a large number of balanced amino acids and useful trace elements. Their nutritional value is due to the high concentration of fats, proteins and vitamins A, D and E.

Appetizer with cheese “Delicious” will make your favorite sandwich even tastier. The range of snacks includes popular flavors: fried mushrooms, smoked chicken, home-made ham, spicy pork.

Appetizer with cheese “Delicious” and bread sticks grissini – is an interesting combination of cheese, favorite flavors of smoked chicken and ham at home in a modern convenient packaging format.

White cheeses (mozzaretta) – (Pasta Filata) – is a group of traditional southern Italian cheeses that become viscous when heated and form long cheese threads. One of the most popular types of pasta-filata cheese is mozzarella for pizza (harder mozzarella without brine).

Expert of the dairy industry of Ukraine:

TM “Tulchynka” is a leader in Ukraine in the production and sale of vegetable cream and cheese products and one of the most popular food brands in Ukraine, as well as the winner of the awards “Brand of the Year” and “Choice of the Year”. The brand delights consumers with quality, tasty and healthy products with low cholesterol. Products are produced at the Tulchyn Butter and Cheese Factory, a large and modern enterprise whose staff is rightly considered a leading expert in the dairy industry of Ukraine.

For almost 90 years, they have been improving their skills, passing on from generation to generation experience and recipes, investing their souls in creating the product, achieving the highest quality. Modern production, advanced technologies and strict control at all stages – these factors guarantee high quality products. The range of TM “Tulchynka” is widely represented not only in Ukraine, but also in the CIS and the Middle East.

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