The world of monotonous and dull snacks was boring. Until he appeared: a troublemaker and a cheerful leader, capable of leading and exclaiming in any situation: “Well, let’s have a syrstick, baby?” Meet Syrstick, your guide to the world of exciting adventures!

When someone was cutting a boring and ordinary cheese sandwich, suddenly a piece of cheese with a bright unusual shape came out from under the knife. It quickly grabbed a crust of bread, stood on it as if on a board and flew to “syrstick” in a spaces of desire!

Syrstick is fiery, bright, always positive. Inspires friends for various adventures, fun, jokes, cheers wherever possible. He is the “soul of the party”. Without it, the party is as empty as a cheese hole.

Syrstick is always in the spotlight. Syrstick is an intelligent and sympathetic, good friend. You won’t get bored with him and you will satisfy your hunger! Well, let’s try it? 😉 Adventure awaits!

Syr&Stick is:

The snack in the new format is nutritious and delicious. It consists of cream cheese and crispy grissini sticks. Making Syrstick is very easy: you should dip a stick in cheese – and hey, you can enjoy the original taste!

An original snack that is easy to enjoy while doing something. It can be put in a pocket, backpack or bag and then eaten on the go. Thanks to convenient packing hands will remain pure.

The wonderful crunchy snack contains a balanced amount of protein and calcium, so it will easily satisfy hunger during cycling, skateboarding or rollerblading, dynamic games and the like. Try Syr&Stick during activities, be cool!

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