“Bila Liniia” TM products – are dairy products for active people. Useful natural ingredients maintain balance in the body, provide energy and help maintain physical health and emotional balance. Thanks to modern production technologies, “Bila Liniia” products have guaranteed quality. concept for TM “Bila Liniia” above all.

According to the results of an independent survey of consumer preferences, which lasted during 2017 as part of the annual competition of brands “Favorites of Success” in Ukraine, TM “Bila Liniia” took the winning positions in the ranking in the categories “Kefir” and “Yoghurt”. In the framework of the nationwide voting for the best goods and services of the Ukrainian People’s Prize, consumers determined the best “Kefir” TM “Bila Liniia”. The Center for Independent Expertise “TEST” published the results of an independent study of sour cream, where TM “Bila Liniia” received the highest marks.

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