29 October 2021
TERRA FOOD will feed the wards of Ronald McDonald House Charities in Ukraine with dairy products

From October 2021, a new page in the joint history of the two companies – global partners – TERRA FOOD and McDonald’s. We are talking about charity.
It’s no secret that McDonald’s has a strong social orientation. Ronald McDonald House Charities is a charitable organization whose founding partner was McDonald’s in Ukraine 5 years ago. The organization’s programs aimed at improving the health and well-being of children are well known to the general public. And the transparency of the work is beyond doubt. The Foundation’s largest project is a program to build, equip and maintain Family Rooms in the largest public children’s hospitals. The main thing that Family Rooms, which have already been built in Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Sumy, Kharkiv and Lviv, is the opportunity for families to be close, not to leave their baby without family warmth and love of parents. After all, this is how a force is born that can overcome adversity.
Families living in family rooms at hospitals need to eat tasty and healthy food. And here dairy products from TERRA FOOD – just what you need. By our mutual agreement, TERRA FOOD will bring fresh milk, cheese and butter to the table of families whose children are being treated on a monthly basis. Currently, the first batch of products has already been shipped to the hospital. Glad to be useful!
Let the kids and parents enjoy milk porridge, sandwiches with butter and cheese!
We want to recover faster and never get sick again! And we will provide you with milk!