09 September 2021
Vegan products: a tribute to fashion or a promising niche?

Stanislav Voytovich, рresident TERRA FOOD:

“Тhere is every reason to think that the Ukrainian market for vegan products will grow and develop. Some Ukrainian enterprises – for example, Terra Food – received the Vegan Society certificate in October 2020. This opened up broad export prospects for the company (in particular, vegan oil with avocado flavor is supplied to foreign markets).

For Ukrainian producers, the main thing here is not to lose those customers who have already given up animal products and are looking for affordable vegan products. At the same time, the issue of price is very important: imported plant products are very expensive, so their Ukrainian counterparts should be competitive. However, I must say right away that they will never cost lower or on a par with “ordinary” meat, milk or eggs. Consciousness always comes at a price”.