22 July 2021
CEO Terra Food in an interview with “NV” about butter, milk and why Polish cheeses are cheaper than Ukrainian

CEO of the dairy company Terra Food, Fortunato Guadalupі – on how consumer preferences of Ukrainians have changed, compensation for the loss of the Russian market, competition with Polish producers and Greek salad

Italian Fortunato Guadalupі is a hereditary milkman and one of the most famous international experts in the industry. For several decades, his family owned their own dairy company, which processed 10-12 tons of milk a day, and in the 1980s decided to sell the business to a larger competitor, Parmalat. The businessman himself, who went to develop the Ukrainian market in the mid-1990s, also settled here. What we saw in our country surprised the businessman: consumers bought milk at the bazaar and were wary of novelties, such as, for example, milk with a long shelf life. In 2011, the controlling stake in Parmalat was bought by the French company Lactalis.

Six years ago, Fortunato Guadalupі returned to Ukraine to head Terra Food, which owns 11 milk processing plants and milk collection centers. In an interview with NV Business, Guadalupі spoke about how he managed to compensate for the losses due to the closure of the Russian market, how the company cooperates with McDonald’s and why imported cheeses are cheaper than Ukrainian ones.