24 March 2021
Meet the novelty from Ferma: cottage cheese

A new product has appeared in the line of the favorite brand Ferma – cottage cheese. The novelty is available in three types – 0.2%, 5%, 9% fat, in a package of 350 grams.

The product is ideal for people who follow a healthy diet, because it has a number of benefits. In particular, the consumption of cottage cheese enriches the diet with easily digestible calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. This product is a source of vitamins (B, C, P, A) and essential trace elements (Ca, Mg, P), so it is useful for the whole family. The presence of pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria in cottage cheese Fеrmа ensures the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
Cottage cheese Ferma is a completely ready-to-eat product, and can also be used as a component of various dishes – with or without heat treatment. This product will be a perfect snack or main course, both at breakfast and dinner.

Every housewife has their own favorite dishes of cottage cheese. Ruddy casserole, cheesecakes with raisins, pancakes and dumplings with honey, and maybe fluffy cheesecakes or cookies with nuts – what do you like to make from cottage cheese? Whatever the dish, it is perfect if it is prepared with love and from cottage cheese Ferma.