15 March 2021
TERRA FOOD has increased its market share in the production of vegetable-cream blends and maintained its leadership in three key categories

A meeting of the Advisory Board, at which the results of the TERRA FOOD Group of Companies work in 2020 were presented, was held at the beginning of March. According to the reports, the dairy company TERRA FOOD maintains its leadership in several areas.

Based on the results of 2020, the company’s share in the production of vegetable-cream blends reached 37.7%, which is almost 4 percentage points higher than in 2019. This result allows TERRA FOOD to declare unconditional leadership in this segment and control more than a third of the spread market. At the same time, according to the analytical portal https://infagro.com.ua, the market of vegetable-cream blends by the end of the year “sagged” by 8.5%. Significant positive dynamic indicates the high adaptability of TERRA FOOD to work in new market realities and the correct business strategy.

Following the results of 2020, TERRA FOOD maintains its leadership in butter production (12.2% of the market at the end of 2020), against the reduction of the market in this segment in general (by 3.5%). TERRA FOOD products in this category are provided by the facilities of the Tulchynskyi Butter and Cheese Plant, which produces butter of TM Ferma and TM Premialle.

TERRA FOOD also remains number one in Ukraine in production of the processed cheese with a market share of 32.7%. Products in this segment are represented by TM Ferma, TM Zolotyi Rezerv, TM Tulchynka.

TERRA FOOD is still a leader in the production of cheeses and cheese products, occupying, respectively, the second and the first steps of the dairy producers ranking.

The company also holds a stable leadership position in the export. Thus, based on the outcome of work in 2020, TERRA FOOD remains the undisputed leader year after year in the export of spreads (37%!), and also occupies 21.8% of the processed cheese market and 11.2% of the whole milk products market. These indicators allow TERRA FOOD to cover 12.4% of the total export market of dairy companies in Ukraine.

“Last year has once again demonstrated that high business adaptability is a strength of TERRA FOOD,” said Fortunato Guadalupi, CEO of TERRA FOOD. – We are proud that the chosen strategy has allowed us to strengthen our leadership in several key categories against general decline in the market. We always keep in focus the expectations of the Ukrainian customer and offer dairy products of the highest quality. With this aim, we strictly control the quality of the ingredients used in the production. Thus, TERRA FOOD places high demands on suppliers, and also tests products at every stage of production – both in the laboratories of enterprises and independent laboratories – for compliance with all norms and requirements of the state.”

TERRA FOOD is planning several launches of the products in 2021, which will be a real breakthrough in the Ukrainian dairy market.