04 February 2021
New! UHT milk TM Ferma and TM Premialle in TETRA PRISMA

Just look at this beauty!

Our ultra-pasteurized milk TM Ferma and TM Premialle are now in new modern Tetra Prisma packaging! The main advantage of this packaging is its long shelf life. Thanks to the 6-layer “clothes” – it is 180 days (even without a refrigerator)!

In addition, Tetra Prisma packaging is quite ergonomic. It is comfortable to hold in your hand, it does not fall in the refrigerator, and also keeps the product fresh and, thanks to the sealed lid, free of foreign odors. Another important argument in favor of packaging is its environmental friendliness and recyclability.


The family of TM Ferma is replenished by 4 SKU at once. Milk under this TM in Tetra Prisma can be purchased with a fat content of 1.5%, 2.5% and 3.2%, as well as lactose-free milk 2.5%. Such a wide range is evidence of respect for the customer, his needs and taste preferences.

Let us remind you that UHT milk does not have a boiled taste and does not curl up during heat treatment.

The cost of UHT milk TM Ferma in Tetra Prisma on the shelf – from 31.02 UAH to 37.87 UAH (depending on fat content)


The premium line of premium milk of TM Premialle is represented by 2 items: selected milk 2.5% and lactose-free milk 2.5%. Thanks to modern equipment and the latest technology, Premialle TM milk retains all the nutrients and organoleptic qualities of fresh milk.

The cost of UHT milk TM Premialle in Tetra Prisma on the shelf is 30.90 UAH and 38.89 UAH.