28 January 2021
Mobile application “Incredible Farm”. Have you already won your cool t-shirt?

The whole family is delighted with him! Ukrainians liked the mobile application with augmented reality “Incredible Farm”!

We are proud that currently the useful and entertaining “Incredible Farm”, which contains interesting facts about the production of dairy products, is already loaded into the gadgets of several thousand of our consumers. Parents like the opportunity to spend time with their children with benefit!

And they like to win gifts!

And even as cool as a super-t-shirt with augmented reality! So far, more than 400 of our winners have already received it. And they are absolutely delighted!

Do you want one? Light! Download “Incredible Farm” at https://bit.ly/350mWbi or by scanning the QR-code posted on all products of TM “Farm”, follow the terms of the competition and it is yours!

Really, incredible!

Do it now to have time to get your cool t-shirt!