16 September 2020
15 new markets in 2 years

15 new markets in 2 years
TERRA FOOD, one of the leading Ukrainian dairy producers, continues to expand its export geography and promote “made in Ukraine” worldwide.

Over the past 2 years, Ukrainian spreads, butter, processed and hard cheeses have appeared on store shelves in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Iraq, Qatar, Palestine and even such remote parts of the world as Gabon, Mauritania, Niger, Tanzania, Ghana, Benin, Bahrain, Congo, Senegal, Ivory Coast.

It will be recalled that for the last 6 years (2015 – 2020) TERRA FOOD has been holding the lead among Ukrainian producers in the export of oil and fat products. During the first half of the year, the company exported the most spreads and processed cheeses among all Ukrainian producers – respectively, 4090 tons (39% of Ukrainian exports of spreads) and 413 tons (49.6% of all-Ukrainian exports of processed cheeses). The distance from the nearest competitors in these niches is 6% and 20%, respectively. In total, the company’s products are represented in 55 export markets.

“According to the results of the first half of the year, our products became №1 in exports to the markets of Azerbaijan (in the segment of spreads (1040 tons, which is 48.5% of the market) and cheese products (45 tons and, respectively, 48%), Moldova – spreads – 690 t, 60% of the market, butter – 248 t, 24.5% and cheese product – 1360 t, 68%), Oman (spread 133 t, 86% of the market), Cuba (spread 90.3 t, 67% of the market), Libya (spread 110 tons, 83% of the market), – commented Maxym Voitovych, Director of Foreign Economic Affairs of TERRA FOOD – Also a strong share of Ukrainian dairy exports belongs to Israel, Georgia, Armenia, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkmenistan, Macedonia , Serbia, Albania “.

In foreign markets, both the company’s own brands (TM Tulchynka, TM Gold Valley, TM 100 Cows, TM Laktika) and products produced by TERRA FOOD to order by local ОTMs (Own Trademark) are in demand.