Standards of quality

The guarantee of quality of production–is the foundation of the production of the TERRA FOOD company. Accountability for the quality of production within the company is carried by every employee. We carry out strict control over every stage of productionfrom the farm, where we get our milk, to the store shelf, to which we bring our products. For this reason consumers purchase our products, being assured that QUALITY IS GUARANTEED.

Find out, how we care about quality during all stages of production.

The TERRA FOOD company is proud of its reputation of quality dairy products. To support this daily multilevel quality controls are carried out during all links of production.

We carry out certification at all of our plants in accordance with ISO 9001, ecological safety and ISO 22000, management of food safety.

To control the technological process each production plant has a laboratory equipped with modern equipment that performs sampling: about three hundred times a day in the production of cheese and about one hundred times a day in the production of butter.

The control of production and standards is also carried out using automatic equipment. The system does not allow for the production of low-quality products being assisted by the automated control of more than ten indicators.

An automatic control system lets to monitor every stage of production. If necessary, everything can be tracked: the type of incoming raw materials, every technical operation, the temperature regime during production, the type of added ingredients and other important characteristics of each batch of products.

Speaking of quality control, we understand the important role the personnel of our company play in this process, therefore we take our recruitment process very seriously, we regularly conduct training and regularly check the competence of our employees.