Standards of quality

The guarantee of quality of production–is the foundation of the production of the TERRA FOOD company. Accountability for the quality of production within the company is carried by every employee. We carry out strict control over every stage of productionfrom the farm, where we get our milk, to the store shelf, to which we bring our products. For this reason consumers purchase our products, being assured that QUALITY IS GUARANTEED.

Find out, how we care about quality during all stages of production.

Owing to our own extensive distribution network we promptly supply our products to retail outlets throughout the country and beyond its borders. During the entire trip the cargo is controlled by employees of the transportation and trade departments of the company.

For transportation we use specially equipped means of transportation which protects the products from the actions of harmful factors, a drop in temperature, physical damage.

Employees of the logistics department in an obligatory manner control the maintenance of the appropriate temperature during the loading and unloading of products.

Vehicles, equipped with refrigeration units, carry the products to all corners of the country. In this way our butter, cheeses and spreads make their way to stores where consumers are waiting for them.