Standards of quality

The guarantee of quality of production–is the foundation of the production of the TERRA FOOD company. Accountability for the quality of production within the company is carried by every employee. We carry out strict control over every stage of productionfrom the farm, where we get our milk, to the store shelf, to which we bring our products. For this reason consumers purchase our products, being assured that QUALITY IS GUARANTEED.

Find out, how we care about quality during all stages of production.

Each and every batch of products is subject to obligatory control in the company's laboratories and receives a certificate of conformity to the SSU and Technical Specification. Besides our own laboratories, quality control is exercised by the States Scientific and Production Centre of Standardization, which carries out research on product safety, including the presence of GMO in food products. Only based on the positive results of the audit do we label our products "Contains No GMOs", inasmuch that this fact has been confirmed by government experts.

All products have quality certificates (declarations of conformity), compiled on the basis of more than ten different inferences and expertise.

For packaging products we use environmentally friendly materials which ensure the safe storage of the product.

Butter and cheese, which are already prepared at the dairies, are sent to the finished goods warehouse, equipped with huge industrial refrigerators, where the desired temperature is automatically maintained. All products in the warehouse are shipped and transported to the point of sale.