Standards of quality

The guarantee of quality of production–is the foundation of the production of the TERRA FOOD company. Accountability for the quality of production within the company is carried by every employee. We carry out strict control over every stage of productionfrom the farm, where we get our milk, to the store shelf, to which we bring our products. For this reason consumers purchase our products, being assured that QUALITY IS GUARANTEED.

Find out, how we care about quality during all stages of production.

Milk is the base raw material for the production of our products, therefore we start the quality control on the farms and households which provide us with milk.

In order to maintain the quality of the raw materials company's lab workers and veterinarians regularly visit the farms, maintain control over the conditions under which the cows are kept, educate by telling the personnel on how to properly feed and care for the cattle, in order that they provide quality and tasty milk.

The provision of milk from farms takes place at the company's own milk collecting stations, which we equipped with modern refrigeration units, which allows us to quickly cool the milk to 3 °C. It is at this temperature which milk maximally maintains its natural qualities and taste. Directly at the milk collecting stations our laboratory assistant carries out the first tests to check out the quality of the milk, and only milk of appropriate quality is shipped by special milk trucks to the dairy.