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TM Sorochynske means high-quality cheese products and vegetable and dairy mixes at acceptable prices and no overpay. Due to the balanced proportion of milk fat and vegetable oil TM Sorochynske products have great taste and beneficial dietary properties. The entire products range of TM Sorochynske is made to modern recipes using natural raw materials and innovative technologies.

TM Sorochynske cheese product "Rusky" has salty taste, gentle consistency, lace of tiny ‘eyes’ and golden colour. TM Sorochynske cheese product is a high quality product at acceptable price. In the process of TM Sorochynske cheese product manufacturing they add vegetable oil containing no cholesterol to milk fat. Thus it ultimately retains easily digestible milk proteins, calcium and phosphorus which are beneficial for bones and teeth.

Excellent taste of "Rusky" is guaranteed by use of high quality ingredients from renowned producer, TERRA FOOD. "Rusky" in bricks is convenient to chop for salads, and triangular blocks will perfectly suit for grating to any dishes.

Modern production, advanced technologies and strict quality control at every production stage guarantee consistent high quality of TM Sorochynske products. "Hollandets" is a cheese product with pungent aroma and bright taste. You can buy it both in 5 kg bricks and in 210 g blocks convenient to store and to use.

TM Sorochynske processed cheese product has a reference taste due to usage of exclusively high quality ingredients. And the main thing is that you dont have to pay much money for high quality, since all TM Sorochynske cheese products are affordable to everyone.

The trademarks range of products has all favourite by Ukrainian people cheese tastes: "Rusky", "Druzhny" and "Hollandets".

TM Sorochynske processed cheese product is a high quality product at a reasonable price. "Klasychny" processed cheese specially packaged in small 75 g blocks will make happy any lady of the house with its price.

"Yantarny" pastelike processed cheese product is a perfect fit for spreading on sandwiches and for baking meat and vegetables as well.

Vegetable and dairy mixes of TM Sorochynske are a modern food item of the European quality level with perfectly balanced combination of high-quality milk fats and vegetable oil. This particular combination is a guarantee of ideal consistency for consumption and pleasing creamy taste of mixes. Vegetable and dairy mixes are popular in Europe due to their magnificent taste and beneficial nutritional properties, meaning low caloric content and minimal quantity of cholesterol.

The vegetable oil being a part of the mixes is beneficial for human body since it contains a significant amount of polynonsaturated fatty acids.

Soft consistency of TM Sorochynske vegetable and dairy mix is ideal for sandwiches and is essential for cooking of various dishes. 72.5 % fat product is a perfect fit for frying, baking cakes and cooking creams, 62.5 % is the best for sandwiches, and 82.5 % suites for frying and baking of shortcrust pastry. You can buy mixes in different types of packing, particularly in 180 g blocks popular with the consumers, 350 g tubes convenient for slicing, and 5 and 10 kg monoliths created especially for large points of sale and restaurants.

TM Sorochynske vegetable and dairy mixes are packaged using hi-tech equipment and modern packing materials, which increase longevity of products and guarantee stability of a nutritional value, retaining of traditional taste and high quality of products.