Shchedra Dolina

Shchedra dolyna

Shchedra dolyna
The Shchedra dolyna – trade mark, which was given to us by the nature of the milk region and experienced master butter makers. In itself the generous nature of Vinnytsia oblast and the caring farmers ensure production with tasty milk, with which a tasty and really convenient product of the Shchedra dolyna TM is produced for use in the preparation of a variety of dishes.

Unique recipes and technologies of production allow the creation of universal products for family use.

Products of the Shchedra dolyna TM will appeal to those who care about their family, preparing a lot of favourite dishes for their loved ones while at the same time want to be thrifty regarding the family budget.

The producer of the Shchedra dolyna TM guarantees consumers with stable quality and a wonderful taste.
The Shchedra dolyna TM is a generous gift from milk country!