Bila linia

Bila linia

Bila linia
hoosing Bila linia TM products consumer obtains absolute confidence in quality, maximum health benefits and security guarantees of dairy products. 
Bila linia TM products range contains unique functional product "lactic acid starter containing 10 times more beneficent bacteria to improve your digestive health, compared to yogurt. In addition, in the range are widely represented low-fat products: 1% kefir, 1% bifido, 0% lactic acid starter, low-fat yoghurt. 

That is why if you care about figure and nutrition; treat yourself to delicious and natural dairy products, getting maximum benefit and minimum calories!



Brand news

Quality TM Ferma and TM Bila linia is confirmed by independent examination 1+1 TV
14 September 2016
New yogurt Bila linia TM ― ready right breakfast cereal and fruit
24 June 2016
TERRA FOOD presents new yoghurts Bila linia TM and Ferma TM at AGRO-2016
10 June 2016
TERRA FOOD took part in the XXVIII International exhibition AGRO-2016, presenting eight new Bila linia TM and Ferma TM yogurts with muesli, cereals and fruit. Visitors of the company booth got important information about healthy lifestyles and taste trends of theirfavorite dairy brands. Fruit yogurts with muesli and cereals were particularly popular among the guests.