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Novelty! Bifidococtail BIFIDUS from TM White Line

18 October 2017
Novelty! Bifidococtail BIFIDUS from TM White Line

TM Bila Line has released a line of unique BIFIDUS products, where probiotics, prebiotics and vitamin D3 are combined with yogurt in a delicious and healthy cocktail. A combination of three important ingredients for healthy eating and new refreshing yogurt flavors in a comfortable 250g format will cushion both hunger and thirst. This is a revolutionary product that has no analogues in Ukraine!

As the pace of life grows, products that are comfortable to use on the go or on the go are becoming relevant. At the same time, consumers understand that the diet influences the state of health and is looking for useful food and drinks that promote digestion and help maintain a healthy physical form. Probiotics are useful for the intestines of bifidobacteria, which improve digestion and regulate the functions of the immune system. Prebiotics, or food fibers, are components of food that are not digested by the digestive system of humans, but are processed by useful intestinal microflora. In other words, prebiotics are a "food" for a useful intestinal microflora. They are necessary for the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria in the body, contribute to the more effective action of probiotics, help optimize weight. Vitamin D3 promotes the absorption of calcium and bone health. In addition, the new flavors of the BIFIDUS Bifidococtail - strawberry-watermelon, orange-pineapple and peach-mango - will be a pleasure for consumers of all ages.

A healthy lifestyle begins with the foods you consume. BIFIDUS from TM Bila Line is a unique and easy solution for a healthy and delicious meal.