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TM Bila Linia - a participant of the 26th "Run under the Chestnuts"

25 May 2018
TM Bila Linia - a participant of the 26th "Run under the Chestnuts"

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition TM Bila Linia is taking part in the 26th event "Run under Chestnuts". In addition, the opportunity to engage in solving the problem of children's health, inspires the staff of the company to run, because even a small mop in a great deal can save lives.

And for all participants of the event and visitors of the TM "Bila Linia " has prepared interesting and useful entertainment to recharge with positive energy and improve the mood:

- "Charging zone" - will help to check the level of energy and, if it is not enough, to instantly restore strength thanks to the delicious and useful BIFIDUS bifidococtail;

- "BIFIDUS - bar" - a bright barman show with tasting of bifid cells;

- "Recreation area for children and adults" - interactive fun for kids, and for mom - a cozy break on soft and comfortable puffs along with BIFIDUS Bifidococtail;

- "Photo Zone: Best Mom of the Marathon" - take pictures in memory and take part in the on-line photo contest with hashtag # bestmammarau.

So, before the meeting on June 3 at the location of TM "Bila Linia "!

TM Bila Linia wants all the good health and active life, filled with energy and joyous emotions!