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15 May 2018
BIFIDUS - MAGALENE REFRESHMENT In the past year, TM White Line has launched a line of unique BIFIDUS products, where probiotics, prebiotics and vitamin D3 are combined with yoghurt in a delicious and healthy cocktail. A combination of three important ingredients for healthy eating and new refreshing yogurt flavors in a comfortable 250g format will cushion both hunger and thirst. This is a revolutionary functional product, which has no analogues in Ukraine!
We all know that the most demanding consumers of dairy products are women, and the most sophisticated are mothers. Thus, the main target audience of mothers was chosen to meet their expectations.
From the screens of TVs, we are usually referred to by such "exemplary" moms, which in nature do not exist. A real mother today is trying to work and care for the family. It is she who is responsible for everything related to her family, performing at the same time a thousand tasks almost without a break. And this simple mother is perfect. Is there Ukrainian mothers who, in the morning, with salon hairstyles and theatrical make-up prepare a breakfast for a man and children in an impenetrable white dress, and the children already washed away with theatrical smiles and collected in the kindergarten or school waiting for a special breakfast? It looks like a fairy idyll.
Understanding the real moms who need to rest for a little while during the day, recharge with positive emotions and restore strength, TM White Line offers BIFIDUS as the ideal partner of a real mum. The BIFIDUS cocktail, with its probiotics, prebiotics and vitamins, perfectly matches the needs of the audience - to make a break, recharge and run further.
It is this idea that is the basis of the new series of videos "BIFIDUS - MAMALENKAYA REPAIR". We are confident that viewers will definitely smile and recognize themselves in video stories on television, cinema and on the Internet from 7.05 to 30.06. And for the very concerned mummy, who do not even have a time on the TV, our boards, or audio clips on the radio are offered.

So take a break to "MAMAlanku recharging" with BIFIDUS from TM White Line!

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