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The quality of TM "White Line" products has been tested in Europe

01 May 2018
The quality of TM "White Line" products has been tested in Europe At the beginning of 2018, the product manufacturer TM "Bila Liniya" received the results of checking the whole range of products from the international network of laboratories "Eurofins". The European expertise has confirmed the compliance of quality indicators of all dairy products of TM "White Line" according to the monitoring program.
The monitoring plan is the specific regulated quality indicators (physico-chemical, microbiological, composition of useful microflora of fermentation) that meet the standardized requirements of the State Standard and the Technical Specifications.
TM "White Line" products are useful dairy products for active people who help to be energetic and healthy physically and emotionally. Due to the natural and functional ingredients in the composition and modern technologies of production, TM "White Line" is created for the proper support of the natural balance in the body, therefore the quality for the TM "White Line" is above all.
Every six months TM "White Line" will be tested in independent laboratories "Eurofins", so that the consumers of the products were certain in the declared quality indices. The next check is scheduled for July. The results of the research can be found on the site «Eurofins».