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New yogurt Bila linia TM ― ready right breakfast cereal and fruit

24 June 2016
New yogurt Bila linia TM ― ready right breakfast cereal and fruit The company "TERRA FOOD" continues to expand the range of yoghurts with natural fillers. New low-fat yogurts from TM "White Line" are presented with three useful and delicious fillers: muesli, muesli-dried apricots and figs. Low fat retains a feeling of lightness, muesli provides a lot of vigor and energy, and natural fillers will enjoy the original taste of yogurts with every sip. TM "White Line" is a simple, ready-made solution for a healthy and delicious breakfast or snack.

An active development of a healthy lifestyle, which prompts contemporary people to carefully monitor the diet, as well as the benefits of breakfast and snacks throughout the day. Preparing a good breakfast or snack takes time, which is often lacking. Understanding the importance of ZHZH for every person and taking into account the modern rhythm of life, the company "TERRA FOOD" in the spring of 2016 launched the production of new low-fat yogurts TM "White Line" with three original fillings: muesli, muesli-dried apricots and figs. Yogurts do not contain preservatives, artificial dyes and vegetable fats. A large pack of 900 grams will save your family budget and take yogurt with you on your way or to work.

Muesli is a complex product rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a mass of other useful substances. The benefits of the muesli are due to the fact that the grains that are part of them are of great nutritional value. Mussley is an ideal option for people who care about their health and appearance. The dietary fiber that is part of the cereal is digested quite slowly, thereby mimicking the feeling of hunger. At the same time, the fiber activates intestinal peristalsis, contributing to the elimination of harmful cholesterol, toxins and slags. In addition, fiber protects the absorption of fats. Muesli with yogurt is the favorite breakfast of millions of people around the world who always strive to stay in perfect physical shape and good mood.

Yogurts TM "White Line" are produced at the modern dairy enterprise - "Bila Tserkva Dairy Combine". The enterprise has implemented an enterprise management system based on international standards ISO 22000: 2005 and ISO 9001: 2008. It provides for control at all stages of the production process - from the dairy farm to the store shelf, which guarantees the quality and safety of dairy products.